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Dillon Rose by Farm Direct

Dillon Roses are grown exclusively by The Farm Direct Company
in Bogota, Colombia. They are a "Russian Cut" pre-processed rose shipped to you in water.

Don't be fooled by copycats, there's only one Dillon Rose by Farm Direct

Dillon Rose by Farm Direct Testimonial Dillon Rose by Farm Direct

The Dillon Rose by Farm Direct is offered exclusively through Dillon Floral. We have partnered with a superior rose grower, Farm Direct Company in Bogota, Colombia, to offer a premium quality rose that has superior vase life.

The Dillon Rose:

  • is harvested with a more open cut stage
  • is “Russian Cut” which gives you a larger flower, more appeal for your customer.
  • is Longer lasting because it receives more carbs!***
  • is shipped in water, never gets dehydrated
  • is pre-processed with 25cm of foliage stripped, ready to use
  • opens more elegantly and fully
  • comes in two sizes, 50 cm or 60cm
  • is available in 25 varieties
  • can be custom packed in the varieties you choose

  • ***Research has shown that roses allowed to open slightly by delaying the harvest by one to two days improves vase life dramatically. This has been termed "Russian cut" by the South American Rose Industry. Russian cut roses last longer for consumers because the flowers assimilate more carbohydrates. The extra carbs give the flower more energy to perform in the vase.

    The Dillon Rose by Farm Direct provides you with consistently superior value.

    Ask your Dillon Floral Account Manager for more details.

    Read more about Russian Cut Roses in this artcle from SAF's Floral Management Magazine.
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