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Dillon Ready Rose

Don’t be fooled by imposters!
The Dillon ReadyRose is an exclusive, superior quality pre-processed, ready-to-use rose.
Only Dillon ReadyRoses are graded, stripped, de-thorned and shipped without wrapping in preservative
water-filled buckets, Truly Ready to be inserted into arrangements!

The Dillon ReadyRose is an exclusive, superior quality pre-processed,
ready-to-use rose. Others may say theirs are “ready”, but only
Dillon ReadyRoses are ready to be inserted into arrangements.
Don’t be fooled by copycats!

Since their inception in 2001, ReadyRoses have been staple for quality minded florists. This revolutionary processing and packaging of roses was developed at Dillon Floral, a name synonymous with Premium Roses.

Upon arrival from the Farm Direct Company in Bogota, Colombia, the roses are unpacked, sorted and graded. The roses are stripped of the lower half of their foliage and most thorns. A petal or two are pealed only if necessary. Poor quality roses are discarded. Each rose is cut under water. Finally, 72 perfect roses are placed in preservative ice water in a procona and whisked into the cooler. They are delivered to you the very next day to your cooler ready for insertion into vases, arrangements or water tubes with no further processing.

ReadyRoses arrive in your shop, ready to use. The very best care and handling combined with our sorting and processing vastly reduces your risk, your labor costs and your storage space. We know that your customers expect every rose to be perfect. Dillon ReadyRoses deliver perfection 72 stems at a time. Also see ReadyRose FAQs.

ready rose step 1
1. Roses arrive from Colombia and are unpacked.
ready rose step 2
2. Roses are sorted and cleaned. Poor quality roses are discarded.
ready rose step 3
3. Rose stems are cut under water.
ready rose step 1
4. Stems are cleaned.
ready rose step 2
5. Roses are placed in proconas of icy hydrating solution.
ready rose step 3
6. A cardboard collar protects the roses.

Final step

7. Lids and straps complete the package & ReadyRoses are quickly stored in the cooler. See how proconas stack and store efficiently.

How do I place an order? Contact your Dillon Floral Account Manager.

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