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Ready Rose - FAQ

Dillon Floral Valentine ReadyRose - Frequently Asked Questions
Dillon Ready RoseWhat is a ReadyRose?
72 perfect roses, cleaned of the lower half of their foliage and most thorns. They are cut under water, hydrated and shipped in ice water. ReadyRoses are ready to be inserted into arrangements.

How is a ReadyRose made?

First, we use our top quality Colombian Rose Farms as well as our Premier Floral Distributor freight consolidation company to get you the freshest Colombian roses that are available. Upon arrival, as close to the holiday as possible, our ReadyRose Team unpackages and sorts through each rose. The roses are stripped of the lower half of their foliage and most thorns. A petal or two are peeled if necessary. Poor quality roses are discarded. Each rose is cut under water. Finally, 72 perfect roses are placed in preservative ice-water in a procona and whisked into the cooler. In most cases they are delivered to you the very next day. The procona bucket allows you to stack them efficiently into your cooler ready for insertion into vases, arrangements or water tubes with no further processing.

Are the roses bundled inside the procona?

No. The 72 roses are loose to make it easier to remove the roses needed.  

Will the stems be stripped completely?

Not exactly. We remove the foliage from the bottom half of the stems and knock the tips off the thorns. For best rose performance, it is extremely important not to damage the bark. Our goal is to remove enough of the thorns so that the roses can be easily removed from the buckets and inserted into arrangements.  

Should the roses be cut again before using?
No. They are ready to go.  

Should the water in the procona be changed?
No. The water is treated with Pokon Chrysal Professional #2, which contains an acidifier, bactericide and the right amount of sugar to store roses for one week.   top view of ready rose

Will the rose blooms begin to open in the procona?

Somewhat. By nature, the hydration process will encourage the blooms to begin opening, however proper refrigeration will control that opening. Roses can and should be stored in your coldest cooler. Flower opening in the procona is also dependant on the variety.

Must the procona packaging material be returned?

Yes. We ask that you return the bucket, cardboard side and lid so that we can recycle the materials and control the rather high cost of packaging. Just show our delivery drivers where the materials are and they will happily remove them from your shop.  

Are ReadyRoses different from a Wet Pack rose?

You bet your buds they are! Wet packs are simply bunches of roses shipped in water. They are not graded, sorted, cut or cleaned in any way like Ready Roses. Donít be fooled by an imposter! 

ready rose in containerWhat sizes and varieties of roses can be purchased as ReadyRoses?

Our experience tells us that 60 cm roses are best for ReadyRoses, especially Freedom. ReadyRoses can be purchased as Freedom red and solid proconas of other select colors. Your Dillon Floral Account Manager can give you exact varieties and sizes that are available.  

Can I see a picture ?

Yes.  Photos are available on this page, on our ReadyRose page and in the online shopping cart.

Whatís the catch?

We charge a processing fee for each ReadyRose procona. Because our team works efficiently and with a large volume, we are able to charge a fee that is considerably lower than the cost you would normally incur with your own staff. Plus, removing this task frees up your staff for more profitable activities such as selling, designing and delivering.  

How do I place an order?

Contact your Dillon Floral Account Manager right away!
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