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Roto Scrub Bucket Washer

Do you hate washing buckets? Are your employees up to their elbows, scrubbing buckets? Are your buckets always in need of a good cleaning?


Wash your storage buckets thoroughly and FAST with the ROTO SCRUB Bucket Washer, sold exclusively by Dillon Floral. Whether you are washing flower buckets, dairy buckets, paint buckets or any other buckets for your industry, the ROTO SCRUB Bucket Washer will do the job.


The ROTO SCRUB Bucket Washer is made for easy, convenient stand-up operation, and designed for fast, thorough washing of storage buckets. Its efficient operation saves hours of hand-washing labor and money.


To operate, simply fill the tank with water and a disinfecting agent to a depth that partially submerges the brush. An overflow pipe keeps the fluid at correct operating level and serves as a drain when removed from the bottom of the tank.

The ROTO SCRUB is constructed of premium stainless steel grade to last lifetimes! The heavy tank is supported on angle legs and welded into a single rigid unit.

A compact, totally enclosed 1/3 HP motor with gearhead drives the scrubber brush.

Long-life nylon brushes are available in different sizes and are easily interchanged for many bucket sizes.

The ROTO SCRUB is also available in a two-tank model for quick rinsing, if necessary.

How does cleanliness impact vase life of fresh flowers?

AFE Special Research Report:Post Production, by T.A. Nell


Features and Benefits

  • Built to save you time and money
  • Washes over 100 buckets per hour
  • Allows your valuable employees concentrate on more productive tasks
  • Clean containers = Less contaminants = Less Bacteria
  • Built to last forever...never rusts
  • Quality stainless steel construction
  • Heavy duty 1/3 HP motor
  • One year warranty (parts and labor, except brush)
  • 2 tank model available

Dillon Floral is the exclusive distributor for the ROTO SCRUB Bucket Washer.
Call: 1-800-DILLONS - Walt Deitrick @ ext. 153 for more information and pricing.
Or e-mail Walt:

pdfRoto Scrub Installation and Operating Instructions

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