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Size Charts

Ribbon Size:

Ribbons are sold on bolts by size number which indicates their width.  These numbers are standards that originally came from the millinery (hat and hat trim making) industry.  The exact measurements in inches have changed some over the years and recently have officially gotten smaller.  Below are the current standards for the # sizes.  The number of yards per roll (sometimes referred to as “put-up”) varies by manufacturer, so don’t be afraid to ask.


#1.5  5/16”
#2   7/16”
#3   9/16”
#5   7/8”
#9   1 5/16”
#40   2 ½”



Foil Coverage:

How many pots can you cover with one roll of foil?

Grape Leaf  Foil (sometimes called Embossed)
One 20”wide, 50’ long roll will cover approximately:
50 4” pots
50 5” pots
30 6” pots
30 6.5” pots
25 7.5” pots

Poly Foil (plastic lined)
One 20” wide, 30’ long roll will cover approximately:
30 4” pots
30 5” pots
20 6” pots
20 6.5” pots
15 7.5” pots

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