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1. Customize the Labor Factor (yellow box).
This is a percentage of the materials, at Retail, that you charge for Labor. Industry standard runs from 20% to 40%

2. Customize the Fresh Flower Markup Factor (blue box). This is the number of times you multiply the wholesale cost of the product to determine your sell price.
Industry standard runs from 2.5 to 3.

3. Customize the Hardgoods Markup Factor (pink box). As above. Industry standard runs from 2 to 2.75

4. Enter the individual items that will be used in the design. Use your wholesale cost, including freight. Quantity can be in whole numbers or decimals. ,For example, you can enter .25 bu of gyp for a 1/4 bunch. In that case, enter the bunch price of the gyp in the wholesale cost.

5. Adjust as needed... the Sell Price, marked below in bold, will update automatically.

6. Name and describe products and design if needed (green boxes).

7. Print this page for future reference, your calculations will not be stored.

Flowers Qty. Wholesale Cost

Hardgoods Qty. Wholesale Cost