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Mission and Values

Company Mission

Dillon Floral: Helping florists succeed since 1875.

Our Mission: to help our florists and our co-workers succeed!

#1: We help our florists succeed…

  • By being the most helpful wholesale florist.
  • By knowing our customers better – seeing them as people.
  • By working harder to make things go right in all our processes…
    • Enhancing value, by eliminating waste in every process.
    • Enhancing quality, through disciplined attention to detail.
    • Enhancing selection, through creative sourcing, growing and careful inventory management.
    • Providing easy purchasing, through website technology.
    • Providing access to the world floral market, from expert staff and technology.
    • Providing dependable overnight delivery, four days a week where feasible.
    • Offering educational programs, from the world’s top floristry experts.
    • Offering financial support, through flexible credit terms.

#2: We help our co-workers succeed…

  • By taking an interest in our co-worker’s needs, hopes and challenges – seeing them as people.
  • Then honoring our senses to help them fulfill their needs, achieve their hopes and overcome their challenges.
  • Thereby, strengthening the relationships with those we work with.
    • Resulting in a more fulfilling, creative and effective work environment
    • Enabling Dillon Floral to be the most helpful wholesale florist.

Company Values

  • Be CARE-ful – We strive to give exceptional personal care to each customer order.
  • Be Humble – Humility paves the way.
  • Do Right – We strive to honor our senses.
  • See People – When we see others as people, things go right.
  • Act to Help – We work to help our customers and co-workers.
  • Build Relationships – We work to deeply know and honor our customers and co-workers.
  • Listen to Learn –  We influence others by first allowing ourselves to be influenced.
  • Work Hard and Have Fun – Together, these bring fulfillment.
  • Keep Calm – The alternative causes blindness.
  • Eliminate Waste – Wastefulness is terminal.